The Commonwealth Games will take place in Birmingham, England, from July 28 to August 8.

Commonwealth Games: Which sports have India aced in?

India has sent a 322-member team to the CWG Games. In which 215 athletes will enter the field for the medal.

How many Indian athletes will participate?

The nation has won a total of 503 medals in the CWG so far.

India's medals in the
CWG Games

These are the top five sports in which India has won the most medals in the CWG so far:-

In which sports 
are India ahead

In shooting, India has won the highest number of medals, 135, with 63 golds as well.

1. Shooting

Shooter Jaspal Rana is the most successful athlete with 15 medals in the CWG.

India's shooting heroes

Second on the list is weightlifting, with 125 CWG medals in the bag.

2. Weightlifting

India has 102 CWG medals in wrestling, making it to third on this list.

3. Wrestling

After wrestling, India has won 37
medals in boxing.

4. Boxing

Badminton has given India 25 CWG medals, the fifth sport on the list.

5. Badminton

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